Lessons & Activities


Lessons & Activities

At the Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios, we offer instruction on both Private and Group levels. Learning how to dance is easy and fun, as we also offer Practice Sessions and at every studio!

You’ll learn the basic elements on which all dance patterns are based on your first lesson and by the end of your first lesson you’ll be well on your way to dancing!

Don’t put it off for another minute – walk into any Fred Astaire Dance Studio and dance out!

Contact us to book your first lesson or fill out our contact form for more information.

Our Wedding Dance Programmes

Our customised wedding dance programme is tailored to your needs. We know that your wedding day is very important to you and we want to help you make it even more special. We will give you the confidence and skill to perform a variety of different dances, including your first dance together as newly-weds. Your friends and family will be amazed by your elegance, style, and grace when that magical first dance arrives.

In a very short space of time, our qualified instructors can help you learn a few basic steps or choreograph the whole dance for you to your preferred music. We can choreograph a dance for the wedding couple only, or for the entire bridal party. The wedding party could include the parents of the bride and groom, other family members and even your wedding guests. It’s up to you!

Most couples have selected a special song for their first dance and we will work with you on simple, yet elegant choreography that will make your first dance extra special.

Use your first dance as a wonderful way to begin your new life together. Through our programme, you will also have the gift of dance to share for the rest of your lives.

Teaching Methods

You will learn to dance through regularly scheduled private lessons with your instructor, supplemented by group lessons and practice lessons or socials, using our three-tiered teaching method.

Our approach is made up of three levels of learning:

1. Private Lessons

On private lessons, you receive regular private lessons with one or more teachers. You get personalised and specialised instruction through the process of learning to dance. You progress at your own pace with this one-on-one instruction while developing the ability to lead or follow any partner.

2. Group Lessons

On group lessons, you will learn additional patterns, style and technique.  Students learn in a group headed by an instructor. Here you are given the opportunity to meet other students with similar dancing goals and aspirations and to dance with new partners. You can also revise what you’ve learnt in the group lesson on your private lesson, enhancing your learning even more.

3. Practice Lessons/Socials

Practice lessons allow you to practice what you have learnt in your private and group lessons. You also have the opportunity to dance with different dance partners which is important, as you will not always be dancing with your teacher at functions outside the studio. The practice sessions allow you to make your dancing work in a live setting with different people. These sessions also allow your teacher to assess your progress and tailor your private lessons to your on-going needs. Practice sessions are also a great social opportunity to meet other students.

Our Teachers

Our dance instructors are not only highly trained and skilled as dancers; they are also highly skilled educators. Their ability to teach our students to dance is based on their continual training to improve themselves. To ensure that our teachers are properly qualified to teach our students, the Fred Astaire Curriculum certification is a rigorous training programme and is a requirement for all our teachers.

Our Trophy System

As you learn new variations and types of dance, you are able to track your dance progress through the Fred Astaire Trophy System.  For beginner students we use the Social and Advanced Foundation Programmes and these teach the basic step patterns and techniques that allow you to move comfortably on the dance floor with any partner. Depending on your individual goals, you can then progress through the Bronze and Silver levels – all the way to the Gold level if you choose to!

Through our advanced and comprehensive dance curriculum, we cover the full range of Ballroom, Latin-American, and International Style dances.  This includes Exhibition and Theatre Arts dances. Our world famous dance champions and registered judges on the Fred Astaire National Dance Board constantly review our curriculum. This ensures that only the finest, up-to-date programmes are being offered to our students.

Our Competitions

Competitions are held at National or Regional level and are a regular part of Fred Astaire Dance Studios annual calendars. Competitions allow students to meet, mingle and compete with other student dancers and take home a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. Competitions allow students to show what they have learnt in a public arena. They also allow students to rapidly progress their dance goals.